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Nowadays people are enjoying puff of hemp joints throughout the country and we have now reached the smokable hemp period.

While there is a little regulatory confusion with the CBD flower that is causing many other pressing issues. However, increase in smokable hemp is offering countless opportunities for many farmers, entrepreneurs, and many other domestic hemp industry key players.

Here, we will try to list out a few predictions that you must know and be ready for your wild ride that is waiting on the smokable hemp industry.

  1. More consumers will prefer to buy smokable hemp online

Today, most consumers prefer to buy hemp gummies online from and in the same manner, consumers will prefer to buy CBD flower products online.

  1. The gap between marijuana and hemp will continue to reduce

The gap exists because of the percentage of THC. However, the benefits of CBD cannot be fully realized without THC. Hence, the gap will slowly reduce.

  1. Smokable hemp is going to trigger extensive cannabis legalization

At present, the laws of different states are quite different that often creates confusion. Lots of debate will occur that will trigger more legislation on cannabis.

  1. Hemp farmers will keep on relying mostly on smokable hemp to gain more profits

After 2012 farm bill, the production of hemp has increased tremendously and it has become too cheap. So farmers will prefer more on smokable hemp to earn more profit.

  1. The market for smokable will see further growth

At present, the market is divided evenly between CBD pre-rolls and loose hemp buds. However, by the next few years, the market of smokable hemp will swell.

  1. Demand for CBD will continue to grow

Even due to COVID-19 and the subsequent slowdown of the economy, consumer’s interest in CBD continued regardless of high unemployment. So, it is going to see further growth.

  1. The awareness about various advantages of the smokable type of hemp will increase

Due to marijuana, smokable hemp products still remain controversial. However, this stigma will dissipate gradually due to primary benefits of CBD pre-rolls and CBD flowers.

  1. Smokable hemp will further outpace tobacco products

As per the survey, people are now going more for smokable hemp rather than tobacco products. This trend will further increase in the coming few years.

  1. The market for smokable hemp will continue to attract young males

The survey report reveals the following:

  • 54% of the hemp smokers are male
  • 38% of these hemp smokers are 21-34 years old
  • Only 22% smokable hemp market is for 35-44-year-olds
  • Only 20% of users of smokable hemp are between 45-54.
  1. Tobacco smokers will more likely to switch to hemp smoking

The survey report reveals:

  • Tobacco smokers who more are likely to go for hemp pre-rolls are 191%
  • Tobacco smokers who are more likely to go for hemp hemp flower are 155%
  • Cigarette smokers want to try hemp smokables is 29%

As we will come near 2025, you can expect much fiercer competition between smokable hemp and marijuana that are at present two distinct segments cannabis market.

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