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In marijuana cultivation as well as production, trimming is a very important aspect. It is a time-consuming and also labor-intensive process. Therefore, it has given rise to a number of professional trimming firms to do this operation.

Certainly, with machine trimming you can save quite a lot of time and money too as compared to doing the same operation with any manual hand trimmers, particularly if you have to process a very large quantity.

However, for any small, craft growers, using hand-trimming can be worth, as it can add value to shelf price of the cannabis.

Due to rise in legal cannabis business, lots of new technology has reached to the growers all over the world. Now you can get best automatic bud trimmers available with significant amount of improvements, efficient and affordable way to trim the bud.

When first time automated trimming machines hit the market, some confusion was there about their effectiveness and also about quality of bud.

However, with many improvements that have gone through in design and production, these automated trimming machines now have taken the whole industry by storm.

Trimming machines came into the scene about 15 years back. The first-generation machines were wet trimmers.  With wet trimmer, moisture content used to keep the flower structure and hence you are not really breaking down its context and the buds too looked nice.

Dry trimmers are recent innovation, and considered as gentler method to remove sugar leaf out of marijuana buds.

With dry trimmers, entire buds are dried and about 8 to 10% moisture is removed. After that, stems are extracted and buds are fed into the machine which lightly tumbles them, and breaking all dried sugar leaf to come off and then funneling it out by using air current.

Automatic bud trimmers became more popular because of many benefits that they can offer to industrial operations. Also, home growers find lots of ease in their workload.

All these benefits are broken down into 3 main categories:

      1. Security

All growers know that by bringing in new labor or new team for trimming for each harvest may result in many different security risks. Since this industry is getting matured and hence becoming extremely competitive.

Therefore, most cannabis companies will like to spend more on security. Also, they want to protect their company and future development of product.

      2. Consistency

Another most important aspect is to provide quality experience to customers by offering consistency of their product. With hand trimming it is not possible to achieve that level of consistency.

Machine trimming can produce uniform trim and supply always a consistent product.  Trimming machines can also excel in trimming any small flower clusters, which are often ignored or remain unnoticed with hand trimmers.

      3. Efficiency

Perhaps the most tempting aspects of automated bud trimmer can be its efficiency and scalability.

The present generation of different trimming machines can provide very close to quality of hand-trimmed at much faster pace as compared to hand trimming.

Thus, it can ensure consistency as well as improved operational efficiency and also processing capacities.

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