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Experienced weed smokers know the significance of regular bong water changes. Dirty water pipes, oil rigs, and bongs can make users sick. Inhaling dank bong water will cause multiple pathogens like fungus, bacteria, and ashy resin reaches your lungs. Pulmonary infection risk increases significantly, which no one needs.

You just bought a new glass bong from Express Smokeshop, a great head shop online. You can enjoy your preferred strain, even more, every time, if you clean the bong regularly.

Reasons to keep your bong clean

  • Water sitting in the bong for long after usage will create lots of biofilm and toxins, which contains multiple microorganisms, bacteria, and mold. Such things must not enter your respiratory system.
  • You are not aware where these hazardous organisms are growing – is it the dab rig, pipe, or in the water.
  • Inhaling can cause severe health problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mold ingestion, and other respiratory problems.

Signs indicating bong water needs replacement

Bad odor

Foul odor means the bong water needed replacement some time ago. It has been ignored and reached a point where it becomes necessary to clean the device with alcohol and salt. It is wise to run some boiling water to disinfect the bong.

Water is murky and dark

When the water is unclear, dark brown, and you see solid particles floating on the surface, then it is time to replace the water. With moderate use, a little discoloration is normal. Nevertheless, when the color of the water gets muddier it means the possibility of lung infection increases.

Resin buildup

To take advantage of every little bit of psychoactive effects, several smokers scrape resin from inside the dab rig. It is not good because resin buildup is often charred and burned. The resin flavor or the bud you smoke is significantly not good.

Mold & mildew

Mold & mildew thrive and flourish in areas that are moist and hold water. Stagnant water within a bong is not a good place for bacteria to grow because it can damage the health of the user. Even if the bong is used for smoking regularly, fungus and pathogens still find some way to thrive. Bacteria and fungi growing within the bong are hazardous. If your bong reveals these signs stop using it –

  • Pinkish discoloration
  • The powdery looking white stuff
  • Fuzzy gray junk
  • Black speckles

How to keep glass bong fresh?

Smokers can clean their bongs in several ways. Nevertheless, they can even sterilize different components with ease. It ensures health safety.

  • Boil glass bongs in hot water. Make sure to have a special pot for this task. After you boil the device allows it to sit still. After it cools, shake the device and dump any remains you see.
  • Use iodized salt and rubbing alcohol [91%+] to clean your bong. Add 1 to 3 tablespoon of salt first. The amount of salt will depend on the bong size. The salt will sit at the bottom and then fill it halfway with rubbing alcohol. Shake the bong for some time then dump the contents. Add some hot water and shake it.
  • Rubbing alcohol helps to maintain the glass piece’s cleanliness and appearance.

A clean bong makes your smoking experience healthier and tastier!

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