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Singapore seems to have already got into the future that many countries look forward to getting to in several years to come. The ultra-modern infrastructures-the metro lines, the parks, skyscrapers and others already in place and others coming up daily are a manifestation of great advancement. Before getting to Singapore, you need to get a visa. For assistance with the visa processing, see here Visa Express for a reliable visa processing agent who will ensure all your visa and other traveling documents needs are well taken care of.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

While in the city-state, get time to get atop Marina Bay Sands Hotel, made up of three 56 floor towers linked at the top by an awe-inspiring 340m long platform called the Sky Park, to get an idea of how far Singapore is into the future. You will get to savor breath-taking views from the infinity pool; the world’s only such high pool. As you sip your favorite drink, you cannot help but appreciate the expansive scene below. Most of the structures that you will see have been constructed in the past five year’s period. Construction cranes are all over indicating some upcoming buildings that will be standing tall sometime this year or the coming year.

Marina Reservoir

Overlooking Marina Bay Sands Hotel is Marina Bay, or precisely, a body of water called Marina Reservoir. This was once a saline river-mouth of the Singapore River, the trading area for the city since 1819, but transformed into a freshwater dam by the Marina Barrage and was finished in 2008. It is nowadays a very popular site for strolls and picnics. Another aim of having the barrage is to prevent flooding in the low-lying regions. During heavy rains that are quite common, crest gates let out rainwater into the sea by the opening. When the current is high, the dam remains closed, preventing entry of seawater. When there is a need, giant pumps get into action to get surplus water out of the dam to maintain its level constant.  Other countries or cities may borrow a leaf from this technology as coastal areas are under constant threats from flooding due to storm surges that result from increasing sea-levels. This is also a good remedy for water shortages partly due to climate changes. The reservoirs besides being a giant water holder, gives a very beautiful reflection of the skyscrapers and is a center for recreation.

Gardens by the Bay

To the west of Marina Bay Sands, there lies some reclaimed land measuring about 1 square kilometer and is being converted into Gardens by Bay – a chain of themed gardens. One of the gardens, the Heritage Garden,is a great display of the plants used by the three major ethnic groups- the Chinese, the Malays and the Indians and the British colonialists too, who are credited with transforming the remote island into a commercial center. Standing tall in the gardens are the Super trees, which are a collection of 25 to 50 meters steel structures that resemble palm trees and the floor is made of plants and vines to make vertical gardens. The Super trees are more than an iconic element of the park, but also provide shade like real trees, collect rainwater and reduce heat by absorbing it.

The most phenomenal thing about the Gardens by Bay is the greenhouse complex -the largest in the world. It is housed under two very tall irregularly shaped glass domes. Flower Dome replicates a semi-arid, Mediterranean climate (23C to 25C) where thousand years old olive trees, from Italy, grow alongside local temperate plants that are a real wonder. The Cloud Forest comes up with a tropical rain forest. Its center of attraction is an artificial mountain rising to 35 meters with a winding walkway inside and waterfall on one side.

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system

The Marina Bay Area is well connected by the efficient and well managed Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system. There are well constructed and air-conditioned stations along the system and comfortable spacious train cars that serve the commuters. In case you opt to walk, you can do so the whole length of the rail system. 

The Highway and Housing

The construction of a 5 km long 10-lane highway at cost 4.3B Singaporean dollars, that mostly passes underground or underwater has freed up some very valuable real estate land in the CBD. The highway is meant to redirect traffic from the East Coast Parkway,a hectic expressway that had cut off the Gardens by the Bay from the Bayfront MRT station, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Central Business District. The population of the island state also enjoys good housing from the state where not less than 80% of the population benefits.


Singapore can be said to be in the future going by the social and economic developments and advancement in terms of infrastructure and technology.

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